The new Ikon table distinguishes for irregular shapes: it is made of walnut with irregular tops and the base is in tempered glass. It is a spectacular setting but clean, where two opposite materials, the warm and assured wood, and the cold and ethereal crystal are perfectly blend in a table sculpture. Designed by Design Philip Jackson, Ikon table is available both fixed and extendable.

Isabel, a chair with steel frame covered in fabric, synthetic leather or soft leather. The essence of research in Cattelan Italia is shown by the chairs: they are now enhanced by a metal plate with the logo “Cattelan Italia” located at the back of each new chair. The objective is to communicate the value and the quality of the products Cattelan Italia, making them unique also from the point of view of recognition. Design- Paolo Cattelan.

DaVinci Modern Office Desk by Cattelan Italia. The well-rounded ingenuity of the legendary scientist, physician and artist, inspired Gianvittorio Plazzogna to pay his tribute by naming a highly innovative and spectacularly styled office desk after him.  DaVinci Modern Office Desk is truly one of a kind with layered, multi-dimensional surface and compactly convenient disposition.  Manufactured in Italy by Cattelan Italia, DaVinci Designer Office Desk is finished in luxurious Canaletto walnut wood finish and sleek dark gray matte lacquered wood.  With two convenient drawers for simple storage, DaVinci Italian Office Desk was meant to accompany the context of the most dazzling modern interiors.

Products from Cattelan Italia available for orders at salon PopArt.