Raimonds Tomsons has enjoyed the triumph in the international competition Sommelier Trophee de Champagne, which took place on the 4th of November in Prague, Czech Republic. This annual competition is one of the most prestigious competitions of the sommeliers in Europe, and this competition was devoted to the most sophisticated drink - champagne. Each year, this competition is organized by the Czech sommelier association in the context of the grandiose festival Grand Jour de Champagne.

This year, the patron and the chairman of the jury of the competition was the world leading champagne critic and reviewer Richard Juhlin. 15 sommeliers from 10 countries competed for the main title. As Raimonds Tomsons said: "During 2 rounds of the competition, the participators had to fulfill several tasks: the test of the theoretical knowledge; blind testing, during which it was necessary to characterize as accurately as possible the qualities of the tasted champagne, the place of its origin, the year of production, the breed of vines and its compatibility with dishes, as well as it was necessary as accurately as possible with the first approach to pour bottle of 1,5l of Magnum into 10 glasses, in order in all the glasses there will be equal amount of the drink".

Raimonds Tomsons commented his victory in the following way: "I'm very satisfied with my victory in this competition, especially, it was very pleasant to receive the recognition from the world leading specialist in the sphere of the champagne - Richard Juhlin. I'm glad, that the name of Latvia one more time will be heard in the European sommelier society."

Raimonds Tomsons is the chairman of the Latvian Sommelier association; he is twice winner of the Latvian and Baltic sommelier championship. In everyday life, Raimond's wide knowledge in the world of wines can be evaluated by the customers of the Vincents restaurant.