A roof pergola transformable for social events (90m2). Total area 190 m2.

Located at Ziedleju Street in Marupe.

The terrace of the expressive design on the roof of  “Draugiem.lv” office consists of an original structure and panel system which may be easily folded and transported. The room is easily transformable depending on the weather conditions from the closed room to completely opened space.

Horizontal blinds are chosen for the walls which expand visibility and provides visual transparency. The blinds are arranged in the angle which protects the room from direct beams of the sun at daytime in summer, thereby avoiding the effect of overheating – greenhouse but letting the direct sunbeams in the room in the morning and in the evening.

There is transparent PVC material between the boards in order to provide protection from rain and wind which allows to completely enjoy the closeness of the outer space.

In order to obtain the room as wide as possible, the most efficient opening system is adjusted to each side of the building depending on the situation. There are openable doors in the western and northern side which forms a room with a wide view. The eastern wall contains sliding blind panels.