The Vincents’ designers have completed the work on the apartment interior design and its implementation in the apartment building Bellevue, which has been projected by Meinhard von Gerkan and Vincents and which, being as a symbolic white "lighthouse", completes and closes the Bulduru Avenue in Jurmala.

The new owner of the apartment wanted to personalize the interior according to the modern classical style. As the leitmotiv of the apartment decoration and equipment serves the philosophy of the designer Giorgio Armani - to create a special and very private living space - comfortable, but at the same time magnificent and sophisticated.

"Luxury is something which is not really necessary in your life, but it enriches the life with its beauty and quality. It is always necessary to find something in life that inspires you. If you have a strong enough aesthetic vision, you start to apply this aesthetics to the interiors", Giorgio Armani.

In the interior, the dominant peaceful palette of color shades is refreshed by the black and white graphical elements. The warm natural leather and wood surfaces contrast with the different textures of metallic luster.

"The elegance has always meant the same thing - moderate, rather self-confident attitude, sense of balance and assurance. The modern elegance always means – don’t overthink (and overdo). I've rejected from the eye-striking details and have focused on the basics - very clean lines. And the things are very functional”, Giorgio Armani.

The cool gray color tone wall with the decorative painting, which imitates the fabric texture, serves as an excellent background for the spirit fireplace, skillfully hidden in the living room sideboard furniture, and for its warm fireplace flames. Above the dining table, the pleasantly scattered light is being radiated by the Louis Poulsen lamp. In the bedrooms, the cozy elegance is being created by the modern classics - the PENTA lamps.

"To my mind, the lamps are the most important objects at home. The lighting is very important. The proper lighting is soft and diffused. It creates a sense of comfort”, Giorgio Armani.  

The interior accessories and carpets come from the PopArt-Natuzzi salon. The furniture and lamps – from the salon Inspira.