In December, two books have been published, which show the projects, carried out in Latvia and planned by the world-famous German architect Meinhard von Gerkan and his office "GMP", and these architectural projects have been created thanks to the close cooperation with the local architectural bureau "Vincent". The book "Meinhard von Gerkan in Latvia. The Man Who Changes the Planet's Traits" tells about the architect’s family roots and ties with Latvia, as well as about his projects Rezidence, Villa Alexandra, Bellevue in Jurmala and the apartment building Carlo, as well as about the central office building of the bank Citadele in Riga. The separate book "Villa Guna. The Art of Living" is devoted to the designed private house in Jurmala, which in 2008 won the International Architecture Award from "The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design".

The publishers of these books are Vincent and Zvaigzne ABC, and starting from the 19th of December, these books are available in Zvaigzne ABC bookstores.

The presentable edition "Meinhard von Gerkan in Latvia", which has appeared thanks to the collaboration of the Vincent company's designing bureau with the publishing house Zvaigzne ABC, is devoted to the life and work of the Riga-born, but now the world famous German architect - Meinhard von Gerkan. His architecture is addressing to the millions of people on the planet in almost all continents. The words "The man who changes the planet's traits", which are chosen for the sub-heading, reveal the scope of achievements of the great architect - all over the world he designed airports, bank and administrative buildings, churches, concert halls, clinics, museums, libraries, production sites, stadiums and railway stations. The achievements of the century universal architecture’s pioneer Meinhard von Gerkan have gained the international recognition the master’s professional account contains nearly 500 awards.

Meinhard von Gerkan is the first world-famous architect whose projects have been carried out in Latvia in the guru’s native land.  The architect honestly says, that while designing for the Latvian customers, he feels the presence of sentiment, and states that any ambitious, million worth project in Asia can be compensated by even very modest work in Riga or Jurmala, because here he works under the influence of the special feelings. Just in Latvia, the architect’s irrational feelings have embodied in the silhouettes and planning of the buildings, close to the environment and culture. Of course, the architect Meinhard von Gerkan belongs to the world, but Jurmala and Riga can be proud of the master’s contribution – the perfect shapes of the villas and public buildings will serve as the proof of the master’s great contribution into the architecture for years.  

The big, brightly illustrated album, where the projects, carried out in Latvia and planned by Meinhard von Gerkan, are reflected in detail, is published in the Latvian and German languages. Its addressees’ range is very wide: the book will be a great benefit to anyone who is interested in architecture - students, teachers, architects, art historians, architectural researchers and other. The publication is both the comprehensive reflection of Meinhard von Gerkan’s philosophy of architecture and the elegant representation of the projects, carried out and planned in the motherland, and the honor affirmation to the great Latvian architect for his contribution into the Latvian and world architecture.