For more than 70 years, Louis Poulsen has been cooperating with the leading designers and has become one of the most innovative producers in the sphere of the lighting solutions.

Some of Louis Poulsen products are known as classic, which are distinguished not only by the design, but also by the unique light technologies.

The design salon Inspira offers you to purchase the Louis Poulsen products of high quality. In the new salon exhibition, you can see Louis Poulsen Aeros and Pagoda.


Louis Poulsen Aeros

Designer Ross Lovegrove

Aeros immediately attracts attention – intriguing, airy with the sophisticatedly perforated Byzantine ornament, it radiates fast mysterious light.  

Aeros combines the highest technologies and the design – its sculptural beauty, embraced source of light, which creates the pleasantly dissipated light, fully corresponds to the Louis Poulsen philosophy.

Aeros is envisaged for placing not quite high above the table; however, by placing it higher, it will preserve the magic and quality of the lighting. The fixtures ideally suit both for the private interior and for the commercial premises.  


Louis Poulsen Pagoda

Designed by Design-people aps 

The basic idea, creating Pagoda, was to produce the product for more than one purpose. Pagoda is multi-functional illuminator, which will wonderfully suit in the urban environment – both in the inner premises and outside the premises.

Pagoda is created from monolithic, cast structure, which gives to it the high level of durability, at the same time preserving the visual lightness, even seeming fragility. Thanks to its form, it is very comfortable for sitting.

The inner, white painted and lightly curved surfaces of the luminous street chair radiate the dissipated, soft light on both its sides.