Their Days Are Numbered!

Allow me to throw a few numbers at you. 328;  33,642;  253,652; 1,220,888

The Canard de Rouen ā la Presse (pressed duck in blood sauce) had  its inception at the beginning of the 19th C as a classic gastronomical delight of the highest order. It has the distinction that since 1890, since Frederic  of the renowned Paris restaurant  took over the restaurant,  it has  been entered into the kitchen ledgers as a number corresponding with the name of the person to whom it was served. So highly was the dish regarded!

King Edward VII walked into the restaurant and was served nr. 328. Subsequently in 1910 Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed nr. 33,642 . Later, Charlie Chaplin waddled in and consumed nr. 253,652 and very recently nr. 1,220, 888 was devoured by Martins Ritins who exclaimed ‘Sacre bleu! Ce qui peut être mieux que ce? 

Between Chaplin and Ritins, Salvador Dali, vainly, with a flourish wiped the duck juices off his his waxed moustache with a napkin.  Queen Elizabeth 11 regally patted her lips with a napkin and Bill Clinton accidentally on purpose, dropped his to retrieve it as the French waitress Fifi walked by.

Now, Vincents imports the ancient art of pressed duck to its kitchen in Riga. Our Challans ducks are from the House of Burgaud in Vendee. Traditionally the dish is prepared at the table so when you call to reserve, take a number and we’ll tell you more about these plump beauties as we serve and entertain you. The ducks at Vincent’s are big enough for 2- 4 people and made and flamed table side. It’s preparation and serving is one of the greatest culinary shows on earth!

Please call or email to reserve your Canard de Rouen a la Presse (pre-booking essential)