I never knew butter could be so rich and flavorful until I had Bordier butter in France. I’m at the point now where I’ll only let the butter from Jean - Yves Bordier cross my lips. I know I sound like an insufferable snob (more than I normally do), but like chocolate, if you’re going to eat it, you may as well eat the best since the good stuff has the same amount of calories as the low-grade stuff.

But why is French butter often better than ours? Many say it’s the quality of the cream, or what the cows eat. It’s also due to the fact that the butter is made from slightly-soured or cultured cream, which gives it a nutty, mellow tang and acts differently when spread on bread.

It has an amazing flavor even when cold or at room temperature.  This butter is not a condiment, but the main attraction.  I would eat more bread just so I could eat more butter!

 Le Beurre Bordier is made by Monsieur Jean-Yves Bordier in the Normandy region of France.   People say his butter is the best in France and possibly in the whole world. Good butter (and cheese) comes from happy cows, like the ones that feast on French pastures with rich soil. Bordier takes 3 days to slowly make his butter, including a 36-hour maturing process for the cream, hours of churning, and then beating the butter with wooden paddles to relax it into the proper texture.

He supplies butter to many of the top restaurants in France, (and now Vincents in Riga) molding them into unique shapes for each restaurant. (We mould our own) His butter is also available for purchase also in Vincents in small slabs of 125 gr. It's not cheap, but totally worth it.

Bordier Butter comes in a multitude of flavors. There's the standard butter flavors: unsalted, lightly salted, and salted. Then there are the flavored varieties: smoked salt, seaweed, yuzu, Espelette chili, lemon-olive oil, and vanilla.

Vincents has the salted, unsalted and seaweed.

What can be better, that mouth watering freshly baked bread with Le Beurre Bordier.

Yours, Chef Martins