Latvia breeds geniuses – world-class opera singers, Olympic and world sports champions! We are proud to let you know that our Vincents sommelier Raimonds Tomsons is further strengthening the tradition!

In the European sommeliers competition in Vienna, Austria Raimonds Tomsons won “The Best Sommelier in Europe” title. Thirty-seven sommeliers from the top restaurants of Europe and Africa presented their skills and "savoir faire" under highly competitive, intense and grueling testing conditions. In the finals Raimonds demonstrated outstanding expertise and was awarded the first prize by the international panel of wine experts leaving behind the Polish, French and Rumanian finalists.

Talking about wine culture in Latvia, we once heard this insightful remark from a wine-drinking wisecracker: ”I used to think drinking was bad for me … then I stopped thinking.”

Congratulations to Raimonds!